First Incision 2015

February 25th – Time: TBA

Location – TBA

First Incision is the first and foremost in the University of Newcastle Medical Society’s social events. Bring your nicest dress or your cleanest suit, for this cocktail event is formal.

First Incision represents the chance to socialise with JMP students of your own year, but also to meet the other years. Because of this, and the fact that it is the first major UNMS event, make it an excellent opportunity to meet, greet, mingle and generally introduce yourself to everyone in your course.

Once you’ve finished eating fancy canapés and making good impressions on your cohort and other years, there will also be an afterparty at the Argyle house, a nearby club.

Tickets will be made available closer to the date.
first incision



MEDBALL 2014 – Ticket Sales Closing

Ticket sales must close today – you know, for logistical purposes – so get yours in quick and save yourself some serious FOMO

More information via Facebook

Book Here Now! – sales close 11 pm

MedBall 2014 // Episode I from Josh Diamoy on Vimeo.

MedBall 2014 // Episode II from Josh Diamoy on Vimeo.


UNMS Charity Trivia Night
Booking available now. It’s next Friday.
$13 pp
LOTS OF RAFFLE PRIZES – Win an iPad and medball tickets on the night!
ex oh ex oh

Stephanie and Hannah

UNMS Charity Co-Convenors


Join the Medicine teams for sport this semester! Places are limited so sign up quick!

Sports featured this semester are Mixed Netball, Mixed Touch Rugby, Mixed Basketball and Dance.  There will be social and competitive teams for whichever skill level you possess. If you’re interested in Surfing or Soccer to email us at

Get keen.



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RE: O-Camp 2014

Dear First Years Of The University Of Newcastle Joint Medical Program,

O-Camp Tickets are available now.

They are limited, and this an event that is not to be missed.


P.S. You can read all about it here.

P.P.S. And discuss it with seniors and other first years on the first year’s UNMS page.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

We are kicking off the year with a BBQ at Bunnings, Kotara. As this is the day before semester starts, we need as many volunteers as possible! Come along and meet some of your fellow med students so that you have some familiar faces on the first day. Flick us an email if you are keen!

Steph and Hannah

Kotara Shopping Centre – Sunday, 2nd March 2014

More info (via Facebook)


Get charitable in 2014!

Steph and Hannah, our dynamic duo in UNMS Charity, have shed more light on some events that are sure to light up your year.

Read all about their plans for 2014, and how you can get involved!


And the ball keeps on rolling. New information regarding the various sporting shenanigans occurring in 2014 are up, on our very own Sports section. Read all about it!


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Updates from our Academic and O-Camp Convenors


2014, you are off to a magnificent start. The UNMS Academic and Social calendars have been updated, and we are thrilled to present the first few glimpses into 2014’s O-Camp as well as the various Academic events which occur in the near future.

OSCEs Night
Saving Jane Doe
Electives Night
The Great Debate
Specialties Night

And for the first years, don’t forget to Find Us On Facebook