The University of New England Medical Students Association (UNEMSA) is a non-profit organisation that exists to serve the growing population of medical students enrolled at the University of New ​England as part of the Joint Medical Program.

The organisation underwent primitive stages of development in 2008 and was finally established in 2009, a year after the birth of the Joint Medical Program and the UNE medical faculty as whole.

We are a student-run organisation independent of the University and Faculty; with a student elected executive committee overseeing the management of the organisation. This is coupled with the
support of UNEMSA’s members.



The Australian Medical Association NSW (AMA NSW) aims to advocate for the medical profession and to provide support and services to its members. The AMA also provides representation and support to medical students in NSW.

The role of the UNMS AMA Representative is to attend AMA meetings, to represent the interests of UNMS members, and to work towards improving the experience of medical students in NSW. UNMS members are encouraged to provide feedback, ideas, and concerns to their AMA Representative.




The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for all 17,000 medical students across all 20 medical schools in Australia. AMSA aims to connect, inform and represent Australian medical students through advocacy, events and programs, and publications.



Since its formation in 2008 the New South Wales Medical Students’ Council has represented the interests of medical students in metropolitan, rural and remote areas across the state. With seven medical schools New South Wales produces more medical graduates than any other state or territory in Australia. Our graduates work in more hospitals and serve a larger population than anywhere else in the country.

Our Council is comprised of student representatives from every medical school in New South Wales. As an Executive we are committed to bringing the medical students of NSW together and representing their interests with key stakeholders in the healthcare system.





BREAATHHE is proud to be one of 29 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) nationally as part of the National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN). Like all RHCs, BREAATHHE aims to promote rural and remote practice to our members through information exchange, placement opportunities, support and advocacy. With 1100+ members, we’re proud to be one of the largest RHCs in Australia!

We have a multi-disciplinary focus – with members from Medicine, Medical Radiation Science, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Oral Health, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Speech Pathology – so it’s a great chance to get to know a little more about other health professions and make some contacts that just might come in handy at the end of your studies.

We run a number of activities each year in order to promote rural and remote health careers to our members. Our activities provide fun and educational experiences for students and include our annual Skills Night, trips to rural and remote areas, themed multidisciplinary networking nights, club BBQs, Rural High School Visits, cultural awareness training, Indigenous health nights, Indigenous Community Festival trips, Interprofessional development speaker nights, and lots more…

BREAATHHE membership is just $2 for the life of your degree and gets you a line to the latest opportunities and events. So what are you waiting for?



wake up!

Are you interested in refugee health? Women empowerment around the globe? Conditions like HIV/AIDS across the world? Or perhaps global warming? Then Wake-Up! is the perfect opportunity for students to access information, experience and contribute to causes relating to global health.

With a series of brilliant events and a fantastic history of fundraising, our society bridges the gap between education and real action on issues of global health. We seek to maintain and develop the partnerships we have with overseas institutions, and to raise awareness of the most troubling topics of our time. To keep updated or become a member contact us on secretary@wake-up.com.au and like our Facebook page!