What is O-Camp?

OCamp is an annual event for first year medical students in the Joint Medical Program, run by older medical students. It is your chance to hang out with and get to know the people you will be studying medicine with for the next five years. You will also have an opportunity to meet more experienced medical students and get some inside information about what to expect from your medical degree. Most of all, OCamp is an action packed weekend for you to get away, make new friends, have loads of fun and form some of the best memories in your entire medical school life!

What will we get up to at OCamp?

There will be a huge mix of activities ranging from mentor sessions, epic night parties, to simply chillaxing with your new friends. The mentoring program will be a key component to OCamp 2016 where older students will walk you through BMed, medicine, life at uni and everything in between. Once the sun sets, be ready for fun-packed nights (did someone say bonfire?) O‐Camp is for everyone so rest assured that whether you are the outgoing type who wants to get a little crazy or you just want a relaxing weekend away, your interests will be catered to.

Are we actually camping?

Definitely not! OCamp 2016 will be held in Riverwood Downs, a campsite at the Barrington Tops with a riverfront and acres of greenery. Your ticket will include a nice warm bed in this quality accommodation. Most of our activities will be held in the resort’s activity hall and catered food will also be provided.

The Team behind OCamp

OCamp 2016 will be convened by Nas and Ming, two final year BMed students who have been involved in almost everything med school has to offer, both curricular and extracurricular. We understand how important OCamp is to kickstart your medical school life, and it is for this reason we strive to bring you the best OCamp ever.

Want more?

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