We are pleased to announce the UNMS Committee for 2016. Thank you to all students who voted during this election process, and to all students who nominated for a position. It’s this continued democratic involvement that results in a wonderful committee and Society.


President- Jessica Redmond

Vice President (Internal)- Stephanie Hopkins

Vice President (External)- Zoë Lambert

Treasurer- Ravi Naran

Secretary- Bryony Beal

Sponsorship Officer- Jack McDonogh


AMSA Representative- Basheer Alshiwanna

Academic Convenors- Helena Qian and Amy Yip

Social Convenor- Emily Ditchfield

Sports Convenors- Jess Pang and Jonathan Kuo

Charity Convenors- Charlie Jeong and Mitchell Wong

Education Officers- Piyumi De Silva and Thejasvini Muddasini

Publications and Promotions Officers- Rajeev Roy and Darshan Sitharthan

Junior AMSA Representative- Madeline Temple

International Officer- Karthik Natarajan

Indigenous Officers- Joshua Tobin and Rowan Gersbach

Membership and Merchandise Officers- Calum De Silva and Sienna McWhae-Brown

NSW MSC Representative- Bal Dhital

AMA Representative- Stephanie Hopkins


O Camp Convenors- Naseer M Abdul and Ming Yong

Med Ball Convenors- Caitlyn Flint and Jasmine De Giovanni

Med Revue Convenors- Hannah Coleman and Peter Enks

*Year Representatives will be elected in the upcoming weeks.