Hi everyone, our names are Piyumi and Thejasvini and we are your Education Officers for 2015/2016. Our aim is to provide you with resources and events that will directly enhance your education. This term we are introducing a wellbeing component to this role with the aim of ensuring that medicine is an inclusive cohort where every student in the course is well supported throughout their degree.

Join the Education Subcomm!
The Education Officers are looking for a few enthusiastic medsoc members to join their team and help deliver brilliant events throughout the year. If you are passionate about education, want to help your fellow peers in reaching their potential or just want to get involved, email with answers to the following questions:
1. What does education mean to you and why do you want to be a part of the education subcommittee? [min 150 words]
2. What qualities do you have which will make you a valuable member of our team? [min 100 words]
3. In the event that the education officers need you to run an event, will you be able to manage this? (provide an example of a time when you have to use your organisational/communication skills, etc. as part of a team)  [min 150 words]
Applications close on the 6th of March 2016!!


Initiatives we hope to provide:


  • Practise OSCE’s for all pre-clinical years and structured OSCE review sessions
  • ‘HES planning for Dummies’ (a compilation of seniors HES experiences to help you choose the right HES for you)
  • Community health check-up stalls
  • A GP placement database to guide 3rd years
  • Skills nights – venepuncture, cannulation, suturing, etc.
  • And BRAND NEW events for clinical years!


  • Medtor program
  • Monthly wellbeing breakfasts (music, yoga and lots of smiles)
  • Being the first point of contact so that any student can confidentially scream out their worries or ask about the right textbook to tackle for PBL
  • Advocating for you in all aspects of the JMP

We look forward to working with you!


Piyumi and Thejasvini