Education Feedback Form

The purpose of this form is to allow you to confidentially raise your curricular issues with us so we may advocate on your behalf. The recipients of this form will be either your year representatives, Education Officers, President and Vice President External.

The following form will de-identify you and any response from the advocacy team will be via public communication. If you would prefer to communicate via a direct email, please enter or confirm your email address.

If you do choose to identify yourself, the only people that will be aware of your identity will be the 4 recipients of the form, and you will be de-identified in any further discussion.

Important: in order for the UNMS to continue to best represent students, unfortunately not all issues can be brought to the attention of Faculty. Whilst this may seem frustrating, the following must apply to any issues brought to the attention of UNMS for them to be taken further: clear summary of the issue at hand, a reasonable and foreseeable outcome, and that the viewpoint is that of the majority of students or, does not have potential to negatively impact the majority of other students.

(Form entries containing offensive or inappropriate content will not be reviewed.)

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