“Learning is an experience, everything else is just information.”

Academic events are a lot more interesting than they sound! Outside of PBL and learning targets, we hope to give you a broader medical education, whether that’s by adding to your First Aid skills, understanding of specialties or just seeing a different side of your lecturers at Great Debate. This year we’ll also be introducing new carpooling/public transport groups to aid and encourage student attendance at GP Club and Trauma Breakfast events. Additionally, we’re always open to new ideas/events, so if you’re struggling/confused with a particular aspect of medicine outside of uni, or just have an interesting proposal, please do come and talk to us!!


Great Debate – 14th April 2016

The most anticipated night of witty banter, the great debate gathers students, lecturers and clinicians to come battle over controversial topics and alike. Come along for a night of laughter and see a different side to your revered clinicians. Or better yet, participate to create unforgettable moments of hysteria and impressive intellect. This is definitely an event you will not want to miss.

Great Debate

Specialties Night – 12th May 2016

No idea what an otorhinolaryngologist does? Neither do we. Specialties night features talks and a panel of consultants at the top of their fields, giving you an insight into their lifestyles and area of expertise. Remember to bring all your questions along! If your questions aren’t answered, there will be an opportunity for you to mingle and chat to the clinicians afterwards, so this will be an invaluable opportunity to personally converse with these busy doctors.

Specialties Night


Law vs Med Academic Challenge

This is a new event we are hoping to introduce next year which will involve both the medical and law faculties. The revered title of Most Intellectual Cohort will be up for grabs as we settle the score between law and med in one night of intense banter, wit and trivia. Better yet, this event will be open to all medical and law students so be excited for what is going to be THE biggest and high-stake showdown of the year.

Med v Law

Saving Jane Doe

For many of us, saving lives was a key component in our decision to pursue medicine. Saving Jane Doe will allow you to learn exactly how to do so from a practical point of view AND apply your skills in a simulated setting. Come along for an unforgettable and life-saving (literally) night of fake blood, intense medical emergencies and great fun.

Saving Jane Doe